EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES: Five Techs to Watchout for In 2021

Dr. Rayyan Ep
3 min readDec 7, 2020

Over the years, explosive innovations of technology have emerged. It is quite intriguing how technology has impacted businesses, individuals, and the world at large. The pandemic further reveals the significance of technology. For example, who could predict that Zoom would become one of the most important apps this year? That aside, from the emergence of blockchain to AI-enabled sensors, technology has made our lives better.

As an IT professional or someone who wants to venture into the IT industry, staying updated with tech trends is super important. This article reveals five emerging technologies to watch out for in 2021.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Since its emergence in the 1950s, AI technologies continue to fascinate the world. Its impact in today’s world cannot go unnoticed. For instance, in the health sector, AI helps to diagnose diseases faster and better. Yet, with its multifarious capabilities, its potentials are still not fully maximized.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that enables machines to perform activities like humans. By 2025, the AI market is projected to be worth $391 million. 2021 will reveal other incredible benefits of Artificial intelligence and machine learning. And, it’d tell on all sectors of the economy. One of the benefits will be helping companies adapt to the new normal — remote work. AI will further be used to analyze data and insights to make better decisions on all aspects of life.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Another emerging technology to watch out for by 2021 is the Internet of Things. Its benefits are evident in our daily lives and workplaces. IoT provides a way we can have many “Things” connected over the Internet.

The concept of IoT deals with interconnecting computer devices, people, objects over the Internet to share and recover data without human intervention. These devices are called “Things.” IoT can be applied in many ways. For instance, your “Smart home” can detect you had a long day and play soothing music once you get home. These devices can achieve this because they share and receive data with one another. Research reveals that by 2030, there will be over 50 billion connected devices over the world. It doesn’t only benefit us individually, but IoT also helps in other economic sectors. The IoT market is expected to grow to $1.1 trillion in 2022.

  • Edge computing

In recent times, we watched cloud computing grow to be one of the most important technology innovations. But cloud computing is not the emerging technology to watch. Edge computing is the next to take over the Internet.

Edge computing is a distributed Information technology that brings applications or storage data closer to users. In remote locations without connectivity, Edge computing can be used to store relevant data. Al is not the same as cloud computing, they have their unique capabilities. Edge computing has a unique ability to reduce latency, unlike cloud computing. As IoT advances, the demand for edge computing is projected to increase. Research reveals that by 2022, the market for edge computing will be worth $6.1 billion.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain has existed since the 90s. Till today, it remains one of the immutable technologies of all time. Over the years, more benefits of the blockchain network have emerged. Like I said in my previous article, Blockchain technology provides a secure way to store data. The data are cryptographically stored. And, cryptography makes a Blockchain hack next to impossible. Blockchain will be widely used by businesses and other sectors of the economy to secure data.

  • 5G technology

5G technology is a new tech in the telecommunications industry. It will be faster than its predecessor, the 4G network. Experts say it can be 100 times faster. Just like Edge computing, the advent of 5G technology will reduce latency. The average speed predicted for 5G is 575 Mbps. 5G services are expected to launch in 2021 in over 30 countries. And surely, 5G will benefit all sectors of the economy.



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