How to Cultivate A Warrior Mindset

Dr. Rayyan Ep
4 min readMar 30, 2021

No matter how hard you prepare, your plan wouldn’t always go full circle. Life happens! So, what do you do when things don’t go as planned? Do you sulk? Or even quit? That’s the easy way out, don’t do that! The model businessmen and women you know today didn’t quit when faced with challenges. And that’s why they’re great today.

You can build a successful business empire too. Things might seem a bit rocky now. But, with a warrior mindset, you can surmount every challenge to become a Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos. You only need to learn how to cultivate the warrior mindset. And, how can you do this? Read on…

  • Don’t Take Everybody Serious, Every time.

Honestly, don’t!

The truth is, not everyone knows what’s best for you. You, and a few close acquaintances at best, should decide what would and would not work for you. But, this doesn’t mean people are all evil. No, they aren’t. They just find it difficult to separate their reality from yours.

And, what does this mean? I’ll explain…

People would occasionally offer you bits of advice. Something like, “leave while the ovation is loudest.” (An African proverb for “quit while you still can.”) “Don’t do this or that,” “You’re not ready yet,” and so on.

These are not exactly bad pieces of advice, per se. But, they may not be what you need at that particular moment. So, don’t take everyone’s advice seriously. If you feel the need to, pick out what you need and dispose of the rest.

You’re the captain of your life anyways. And, every decision you make as well as the result that follows is your responsibility.

  • Embrace Failure

Don’t be afraid to fail. Embrace any failure you encounter and always take responsibility for them. Even the most successful entrepreneurs had their moments of failure too. If you must succeed as an entrepreneur, you won’t be left out.

Amazon is a success story today because Jeff Bezos embraced his failure. His first attempt at entrepreneurship was zShops, an online auction site. This business idea failed woefully. But, Bezos didn’t give up. He decided to go again and we’re all glad he did. Amazon has created a lot of opportunities for people all over the world and is still dedicated to doing so today.

  • Be Flexible

Flexibility is another way to develop and reinforce the mindset of a warrior. What does it mean to be flexible?

First, it means you are willing to accept that you cannot do everything. As they say, “no man is an island.” We all need one another to survive. If you want to grow a highly successful business, one that will be recognized globally, you must admit other people, experts, who’d transform your business for you.

You cannot be everywhere. You can’t control every area. Even when you’re just starting, you’ll need more than a couple of loyal and dedicated employees to help you set your brand and the goal you have for it in motion.

Secondly, you need to be adaptive. To gain a competitive advantage in your industry, you need the ability to respond quickly to changes in the market. This way, you’d be able to seize many opportunities and also get to know your target audience better.

Being flexible also means you have a growth mindset rather than the fixed mindset. A person with a growth mindset admits new things and applies them to improve themselves and their business.

  • Be Determined

Warriors are not the type to give up easily. Even when they have been overpowered they continue to fight, “till the end” — Just as one of Jean Claude Van Damme’s movies; No Retreat, No Surrender!

The Greek legend, Odysseus, did not survive his treacherous journey because he had special abilities or because he was “destined” to. NO! It was because he was determined to return home to his wife and retake his throne in Ithaca.

Determination was the strong drive he needed and he utilized it. Despite the many challenges Odysseus faced on his way, he was determined and this paid off for him in the end. He was able to return to his family and retake his throne. This is the kind of determination you need.


Life’s hard, as they say. Harder even for entrepreneurs because they are faced with tough decisions all the time. Decisions that could either make or maim their objectives and goals.

But, as hard it is, we still have a lot of entrepreneurs who stood through the difficulty. They’re not tagged “successful entrepreneurs’’ for nothing. It’s because they possess what is called the warrior mindset. They were able to face their challenges head-on and succeed at their businesses.



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