The Importance of Willpower in Business

Dr. Rayyan Ep
2 min readOct 13, 2021


People often say that successful entrepreneurs are superhumans with superpowers. The reason isn’t far-fetched. It’s simply because nothing seems to faze them and they face daunting tasks with full confidence.

But as you may already know, they aren’t supreme beings. They just have incredible willpower. This sheer willpower is why they keep up with early mornings and late nights just to overcome obstacles on their way.

Willpower is the ability to face and accomplish tasks. That is, no matter the resistance, you get things done. Having incredible willpower is very important in business.

Inherently, we are born with our share of willpower; with some, more than others. However, if you train and nurture your willpower then it will grow stronger. That’s for sure. Just like strength training in the gym, you have to constantly train your willpower. And eventually, it’d help you overcome challenges in business.

First off, what behavioral factors affect your willpower?

Your Habits

Your habits are actions you take without thought. They’ve become a part of you and occur subconsciously. Although new habits can be formed to override old ones, it takes a lot of discipline and commitment.

What do you do when you’re faced with challenges in your daily life? Do you suddenly go light in the head and cower away looking for alternatives? Or you toughen up and source for long-lasting solutions. Over time, what you do in the face of challenges will become habitual and would either make or mar your willpower.

Your Self Control and Discipline

Self-control means sticking to the plan at all times. It’s the ability to concentrate on behaviors with long-lasting rewards, even in the face of irrelevant ones.

Occasionally, there would be situations when sticking to the plan would be very difficult. With the travails of business and associated emotional overloads, you may be distracted and sometimes lose your way.

However, when you focus primarily on fruitful ventures no matter the odds, it’d be easier to develop the self-control needed for business success.



Dr. Rayyan Ep

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